Sunday, February 10, 2008


Got Water?

Amidst the issues of global warming which is sadly manipulated by the government, fabricated by the media, and sadly ignored by many,Michael Pritchard water purifier invention is something not to be taken lightly because it is something that can surely save our lives, and could save thousands as well. This is one of the coolest inventions of the century that can never go more


Why do people cheat? Is it because of instant reward and satisfaction? Is it because it’s thrilling, so people do it just for the heck of it? There could be a variety of colorful answers, and we’re all gonna try to justify more


I was goggling online looking for that elusive recipe for a perfect fluffy vegetarian/vegan marshmallow. After a couple of clicks and stops from one site to another, I stumbled and ended up in youtube. As a vegetarian, I'd always been careful of what I eat especially in buying pre-package vegetarian goodies because god knows what's exactly in there and manufacturers just label it as "vegetarian"... read more

What you’re about to see, is a horrifying event. At first, I chose not to say anything, and to just offer my prayer in silence and that she may rest in peace. But every time I see her face in the monitor and hear news about her, I can’t help but feel more

I was trying to do some research yesterday at Barnes & Nobles on how to start up a business. Will, it was more like a psedo-research, since I was reading some mangas on the side, LOL! I got bored after sometime of scanning those thick and pricey business books, and they’re not appealing at more