Friday, June 26, 2009

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

I was trying to do some research yesterday at Barnes & Nobles on how to start up a business. Will, it was more like a psedo-research, since I was reading some mangas on the side, LOL! I got bored after sometime of scanning those thick and pricey business books, and they're not appealing at all. Instead of enticing my aspiritaions to start up a business, those books causes the opposite. Anyway, I found this book called "The Toilet Paper Enterpreneur" by Mike Michalovicz. I randomnly picked it up because the author's name catches my attention, not because I was having a hard time to pronounce it, but because it sounds so Polishy, and it's due to my other half who happens to be a Polak.

The book is so different from the typical business book amoung the book shelves because first, it wasn't thick, thanks God!. Second, it doesn't look like a business book at all, but it's more like a novel. Third, the price is not over rated. Inside, the book is very unconventional from the typical business book which happens to be full confusing protocols and jargons. I like the fact that it's written with a lot of wit and humor which the author never fails to inject in every page. Now, I haven't finish reading the book yet, in fact, I just finish reading chapter two, but the two chapters are more than enough for me to give me a boost in starting now my unpredictable path to business ventures. I may not know yet, what kind of business to start, but I know that I'm heading there. Oh...... This is gonna be fun!!!!

For more about the book and the author, click here.