Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Will The Real Vegan Marshmallow Please Stand Up!

I was goggling online looking for that elusive recipe for a perfect fluffy vegetarian/vegan marshmallow. After a couple of clicks and stops from one site to another, I stumbled and ended up in youtube. As a vegetarian, I'd always been careful of what I eat especially in buying pre-package vegetarian goodies because god knows what's exactly in there and manufacturers just label it as "vegetarian".

I remember one time, a friend give me some packs of this “kosher-Gel” for making vegetarian gelatin. Out of courtesy, I accepted it and thank her for her generosity. When I got home, the usual, I just tossed every food stuff inside my pantry. No, I didn’t bother to check it, or even to try it due to my laziness, and I just completely forgot about it. Until one day, when I checked my pantry and noticed that there’s something missing. Then, I asked my husband (the usual culprit) if he touched anything in my pantry, it turns out, he did.

With a nonchalant and seemingly cold manner (as most guys are, acting cool,LOL), the hubby told me that he threw away that “kosher-gel” thing because he found out that it WASN’T VEGAN AT ALL. I was just dumbfounded and didn’t bother to start an argument because my guts was telling me that he seems to be right. Anyway, “EMES KOSHER-GEL” turns out to be a BIG FAKE!. So, calling all vegetarians and vegans out there, please don’t buy this product at all!

If you want to read more about how this fake vegan gel got busted, please click here.

And here’s what I found in Youtube.

Part 1

Part 2

Sweet and Sara is the only vegan marshmallow I’m buying because as you can see from the video, the maker is a vegan. Even though it’s kind of expensive, from time to time, my hubby and I can’t help but be tempted.

As for the recipe, I’m still on the look out and doing some trial and error. If you want to do some vegetarian gelatin, try using some agar-agar. This is what we generally use in the Philippines in making gulaman or gelatin, and you can find this in your nearby Asian stores.