Saturday, March 01, 2008

Music and Videos Galore

It's official,I'm so in love with Charice!!! :) Charice is the epitome of "bombs comes in small package". Once she starts, singing, you'll just be blown away.... read more


 By: St. Day
I just discover this artist by accident as I was randomly clicking videos at youtube. I don't understand anything what he's saying except the word "Afraid" which happens to be the title of the song also. I don't know much about the artist either. All I know is that his stage name is St. Day, and he's a Korean more

Booranhan Sarang
불안한 사랑 (Anxious Love)
Performed by: Horan of Clazziquai 클래지콰이 호란

I feel in love with the Korean Drama City Hall ,as well with it's soundtrack. The song is just captivating even though at first I didn't understand the lyrics. For those hopeless romantics like me, check out City Hall, and I can assure you that you'll succumbed into their traps like me :) more


Fa Ru Xue
By: Jay Chou
I love music and this is one of my all time fave. The music video is so sweet and sad at the same time.For the meaning of the song, I also posted the more