Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun Reads

La la la Laundry :)

After few days of crappy weather, finally, today is just perfect. I wasn't able to fully enjoy today's awesome sunshine, for my lazy butt woke up late, once again. Initially, I wanted to have a dip on the swimming pool, but the overwhelming laziness in me just won't let me :( .... read more



My husband showed this video to me, and I couldn't help but to share it to everybody.... read more


Don’t Eat that Marshmallow Yet!

Joachim de Posada takes us to a funny look on how instant and delayed gratifications has something to do with our success.... read more


Brown-nosing, Anyone?

I was surfing on how to improve one’s career and I stumble into this one! I was like “Holy cow, what the heck is this?!!!” In a manner of utter confusion, I don’t know if my left or right hemisphere of my brain wasn’t working, so I just burst out laughing.... read more


We Got Married

By God’s grace, Radha and I got married last May 10, 2008. It was a small and simple civil wedding attended by our good friends, and we did it in our temple instead in the courthouse. I don’t know much what to say, so I’ll just post some pictures, and also, I found some nice and funny quotations about marriage, and I couldn’t disagree more.... read more



After more than a decade, I just realized now why my mother and my grandmother always says to “listen to your parents”. They are so damn smart because they said “listen” not “ALWAYS listen”. Now, that really make sense! .... read more

Just for Laugh

These pictures never fails to make me laugh my ass off!

Attack of the horny banana! ...... read more