Friday, August 07, 2009

Song Of The Day

I just discover this artist by accident as I was randomly clicking videos at youtube. I don't understand anything what he's saying except the word "Afraid" which happens to be the title of the song also. I don't know much about the artist either. All I know is that his stage name is St. Day, and he's a Korean singer. Honestly, it wasn't the song that catches my attention first, but the MV. The song just followed, and it seems pretty catchy and decent. The MV is kind of very anime-ish style, and it really reminds me of one of my fave anime Bleach. I can't quite figure out why it reminds me of Bleach, but I guess it's the cool effects, his outfits, and the hairdo,LOL! I'll try to post the lyrics and the translation as soon as I'll get it. For now,happy watching and listening .

Artist: St.Day
Single: Balinese
Song: Afraid


Anonymous said...

Me like him! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

hey, this is Rafal, your husband :) Nice blog silly!