Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Bored and I want an iPhone!


I'm bored, yeah. But instead of just sitting infront of my laptop and watch countless telenovelas, I decided to somehow make use of my liesure time,and that is to make this blog,LOL!. I'd been playing the role of a full time housewife for 2 months now, and dear god, I didn't expect it to be this fun. I said fun because I don't need to wake up early in the morning, no reports to make, no tons of phone calls to answer, but best of all, I don't need to go to work, bwahahahaha! Yeah, you're not making your own money, but hey, that's why we have our husbands to take good care of that. Now, I love to explore the "what's new in the market" thing, and right now, I'm waiting for the new iPhone. OK, off for now, better start thinking of ways on how to convince my other half on getting me an iPhone.

By the way, for my fellow wife who don't have any idea about iPhone, just read this. Basically, it's a high-tech phone with lots of cool features like the internet, a built-in camera, and of course a recipe application to keep track of your favorite recipes. Being high-tech is not just for young people, for the guys, but for us moms too! Who says that mommy can't be cool?!

For more about my latest gadget longing, here's a video for you cool moms to watch. And yeah, if you have any ideas on how to coax the hubby in getting me an iPhone, please for the love of god share them with me, ok? Heheheh.....:)