Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Got Married :)

By God’s grace, Radha and I got married last May 10, 2008. It was a small and simple civil wedding attended by our good friends, and we did it in our temple instead in the courthouse. I don’t know much what to say, so I’ll just post some pictures, and also, I found some nice and funny quotations about marriage, and I couldn’t disagree more.

Mohandas K. Gandhi: “I first learned the concepts of non-violence in my marriage.”

Socrates: “My advice to you is to get married. If you find a good wife, you’ll be happy; if not, you’ll become a philosopher.”

Louis K. Anspacher: “Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal.”

Ambrose Bierce: “Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage.”

Bill Cosby: “For two people in a marriage to live together day after day is unquestionably the one miracle the Vatican has overlooked.”

John Berger : “All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different.”

Lyndon B. Johnson: “Only two things are necessary to keep one’s wife happy. One is to let her think she is having her own way, the the other, to let her have it.”

Oscar Wilde: “Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.”

Joyce Brothers :”Marriage is not just spiritual communion, it is also remembering to take out the trash.”

According to my experienced :”Marriage is like two false egos living in one roof!”

Outside the temple with our friends after the ceremony.

Our simple wedding cake made by yours truly .

I made the garlands with the smallest needle we had. I made them early in the morning before I started cooking. About my husband’s whereabouts, he was also busy cleaning the entire house,which I really appreciate since it’s not really my cup of tea, hehehe!

A happy posed for a happy ocassion . I didn’t even noticed that Winnie d’ Pooh was there,LOL!